Pre-op surgery to do's

Finally, got the packet from the WLS dr's offices. No packet, just two pages of to do's and don't do's.

First it's 2 meals will be drinking a high protein shake. For me, it's Advantage skakes, by Atkins. Went looking for them at Costco--don't carry them anymore. You could get 24 cans for about $14. Now finding them at a local grocery for $7.99 for 4 shakes. I know I'll go on-line for buying bulk quantites.

Having a 20 yrs of employment dinner this Tues. is going to break that up-but for that one day. It's at an Italian place. So, the no flour, fruit, sugars, etc., sure blows that away. Then there's more testing has to be done before the 10/11 mtg w/the surgeon. EKG, Chest x-ray, physical, CMP, CBC, and type and screening at the hospital 24 hours prior to surgery.

Finished the laparoscopic banding book I got. Giving me much more info on pre and post-op stuff. Have to get Hibclens Body Wash and nystatin mouthwash to use 4 days prior to surgery to prevent yeast (this was from the bariatric dr's instructions).

Many adjustments happening w/me. Things are/will change. I'm ready for the weight/health changes. But, having more health issues w/the headaches I've been having. Going for another test, MRI, but on my brain and neck. Earlier tests that have put me back on prednisone for for a few weeks, high dose in the beginning, then lowering. I have to go for a temporal artery biopsy.

Coping without

Von wrote a very nice eulogy for our big 22 lb. (in his prime), male cat, Casper.

It was awful to come home and find him on the floor. It must of just happened because he was still warm. The vet, who I called, and had been seeing him since he was a kitten, said because of his kidneys only being at 25%, that he probably had a blood clot do him in so quickly. We had been giving him saline drips to keep him hydrated the past few months. If we did nothing, the vet said he would be gone in six months. I was hoping for more time w/him. He even got use to the i.v. drips- didn't care for them, but had stopped the biting moments.

I wrapped him in a soft while blanket he used to sleep on when I lived in the townhouse. Brushed him well and put catnip and stuffed mice with him. My sweetie and his son buried him in the backyard. I've cleaned and put Casper's litter tray, food bowls, other toys, etc., away, but can't yet bring myself to donate his left over food items to a local shelter.

Not seeing him after waking up in the morning and for his evening scratches behind his ears and chin have left me in a funk. Picking up shoes where he had his head on just a few nights before make me cry. He was with me during and after the divorce, and I was hoping he'd be with me after my new marriage, that is upcoming.

Animals are family, but different. His loss is pulling at me. I have much to do today, but can't keep motivated, but for a few minutes, then I find something else about him, that brings a wave of memories amd I have tears pouring down my face.

I miss my kitten boy, the regal white lion w/golden eyes. I know time helps in these matters. Just need to cope and adjust.

Goodnight Key-Casper

Got a very sad phone call, on my way home from free sex chat studio tonight. Mikie's big white kitty, Casper, passed away this afternoon. He was 16 years old.

I knew Casper in more than just passing, because the harpies and I lived with Mikie, her daughta, and Casper for about 2 years, after my life fell apart.

He was a big kitty, who used to still get his kitten on if you pulled out the right toy.

I hope he's in a better place, where all the toys are fascinating and smelly, the food's right, and there's a nice sunny spot to lay in . . .

Pain in the Neck

I've got such a pain in my neck!

Must be from hunching over my plate all weekend . . .

Yeah. Even though I didn't feel like I was on the edge after Friday, I pretty much swan-dived Saturday night. And yesterday? Forget about it. Please.

On the bright side, I did get some work done on Saturday. And I fufilled a family obligation on Sunday. And so far today, I am back on program.

So I regret yesterday (the worst off program day). But I am trying to move on.

My neck really does hurt though.

Finally-the weekend!

It's been awhile since I last posted something. I'm still in a bit of a daze about finally being approved for WLS. Spoke to a few friends and family about it-most are surprised. Why would I want to do something like that? Don't know why-I've been this heavy for awhile now. A few don't know what to say, but hope it all turns out well.

Still getting use to walking around w/a cane. Damn awkward getting in and out of the car w/it. Von mentioned me looking like Ruth Buzzy from the Laugh-In show, years ago. Yep, I feel/look like that. But, I haven't gotten the hairnet for my hair-that's not gonna happen...

Saw my internist about headaches I've been having, working up to 5-6 times a day, with a sharp stabbing pain in the right temple. Some test have been run, but my guess it's needing a change to the blood pressure meds. After some poundage is off, I should be going off of that med.

My daughter is seeing someone a distance away after work, for the weekend-train trip. It's a new relationship with someone from better than the last character in her life. Past history w/her hasn't been the greatest w/men. This one seems different. Putting positive thoughts her way. I know it's her life to live, but it's hard separting being a mom.

My beloved is battling a terrible cold. He's really grumpy when he's sick. I sure don't need to come down w/what he's got.

Need to give my cat his hydration saline drip. He's doing oky. Moving much slower these days. Still loveable-but fiesty at times. Right now, both he and the beagle dog are sprawled out on the floor on the den w/me, chillin'

Need to compile donations of clothing-someone got to cleaning out drawers and containers. Now to gather and jouney to the Goodwill. Need to do some cleaning too, but right now, I'm going to have a cup of tea.

Still waiting on the 'packet' that was suppose to be mailed this week from the WLS folks-nothing yet. Their group is over exposed-too damn busy for their own good. I knew it was going to be this way. Just wait, we'll get to you.

Blah blah blah

I am at odds and ends this morning, coming down with a cold. I think. Could be allergies? But last night I popped a couple of Nyqu11 caps and slept the sleep of the innocent.

I just threw some clothes in the washer. That's my "something productive" manuever. Whatever else I fail to accomplish this weekend, I will at least have clean clothes.

Last night I went off program by a few points. That means I ate all my daily p0ints and the rest of my flex p0ints AND a few more. I'd feel worse about it if I hadn't eaten under my p0ints a couple of days this week already. And if it wasn't only the 2nd off program day out of the last—what, six weeks going on seven now?

Also, because I counted. I tracked every bite that went into my mouth. So no, I'm not too concerned. I don't feel like I'm teetering on the edge of falling off. I just feel like I ate too much yesterday and now it's today and I won't. Eh.

I'm escaping the house today for a writing date with my St*rbucks buddy.

The dream agent rejection didn't derail my WWering, but I haven't done any writing since. Today I hope to change that. But I don't feel hopeful and happy about my writing date because there's so much that needs doing here.

My period is late by four days. I can't get pregnant, but my hormones can and often do jerk me around. I'm hoping that's what's got me feeling so blah these days.

Well, that and the cold I think I'm catching

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