And there goes your weekend

I don't remember Friday. Seriously. There may have been some Ent0urage from ondemand. Some bitching and moaning. Maybe some angst. Then it was Saturday. On a whim I called up Bea and we hauled our substantial asses out to the canal for a walk.

5 miles and minimal soreness. Good to know I can still do it, but I'm betting that my reintroduction to the hamster wheel these past coupla weeks helped. Then thai lettuce wraps at the ch33secake fact0ry (and a piece of ch33secake in a box for Scott) and a nice long foray through B0rders. Food for the writer's soul. Much chatter with Bea about everything under the sun. We can go weeks & months without seeing each other but it requires hours & hours of catching up. So we caught up a bit.

Sunday I was supposed to help a friend move—and I recruited Bea, because my friend lives near Bea's house and hey, moving is exercise! But there was a screwup with her truck rental and we couldn't find her. So we left her a couple of messages, then we hit the canal again but this time only for 3.5 miles. We were coming off the canal when my cell phone rang and it was of course my moving friend who finally had a truck so Bea and I went over and helped her out for a couple of hours with that, but then Bea had to get home for a family thing and I took the excuse and bailed. I am a bad person. Just because I tried to be there earlier, just because I brought a friend along to help, doesn't make up for the fact that I bailed later. Oh well. Maybe in my next life.

In any event, I went home to keep Scott company through the Ag@ssi battle. Scott was ranked in tennis as a youth so we sometimes have to watch tennis. Normally I don't mind, I can flip through a magazine or noodle around on the laptop or read a book, but that final match was something. It was hard to watch but I couldn't look away.

Aaaaaand there goes your weekend.

Other than logging some miles on the canal my only weight-related story's thunder was stolen, BIG time, by Marla, that beeyatch. I thought I was being so clever, only eating half my points on Saturday—not including the activity points I'd earned!—only to find out that Marla fasted the whole damned day.

Great minds think alike, but it just goes to show you which great mind has the biggest balls, doesn't it?

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