I'm trying to figure out a way to differentiate our posts. Maybe I'll just go back and add Mikie's name to her titles? Meanwhile, here's a picture.

Keep in mind it was the end of the day yesterday before I got around to the "hold the camera out as far as you can and click the button" thing.

Also, the camera adds like 50 pounds. Two chins. Whatever.

Oh, and here's a Mikie factoid for you—girl got very short arms. You should see the ones where she's holding the camera . . .

I'm broook-need fixin'—from Mikie

Saw the orthopedic doc today. It's gonna blow...... my knee that is. The MRI shows a smiggin of cartilage on that knee-not much cushioning at all. No MRI on the other leg, but assumes it will be going next. Had another cortisone shot. See him in 4 wks. Going to have to try Supartz joint fluid therapy a shot a week for 5 weeks. Then see where I am with that. For some folks it works, other not, and possibly might give me an allergic reaction. Don't you just love it! If that doesn't work, it's knee replacement surgery!

Oh, happy, happy, joy-joy!

One day good news-one day bad. No surgery until a chuck of weight is off the bones.

And so it goes.....

Worth a visit