Readn' & waitn'

I'm still waiting to hear from the dr's office, since late Tues. about an absolute big date to be, Oct 31-Halloween! Leaving telephone messages (3) and finally an e-mail today. Better not hold my breath!

Thought I was to get a packet in the mail...nothing. So, it's just hang in there. Meanwhile, I've gotten a book recommended at the WLS seminar, "Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding," by Jessie H. Ahroni, Ph.D., A.R.N.P. She's had the band since 1998. Just got it, so only took a quick look at the TOC.

Shannin, thanks for info on't gone there yet. Signed up w/, and I know there must be more sites. But, I can't believe the time it takes to go look/write at each one of them, daily (well, every other day or so).

Got another book, (today) "Well After Weight Loss Surgery," by Patt levine and Michele Bontempo-Saray. The recipies break down serving (via weekly breakdown), guidelines for Lap-Band Bypass, BPD-DS,and others. Let's just say that week 1-4 for the Lap-band, items are pureed!, I'd rather do liquid shakes, etc. vs puree stuff! Gotta look a whole lot more with this one.

For having worked at the same co. for 20 yrs, I get a dinner, w/20 folks (some corp. staff) + family. And I'd like to 'eat' normal food, before going on liquids 2 wks before surgery. My food farewell (there will be another one!), is at the end of this month. Dealing w/some office politics will happen. The extra bonus is $500. That was a big surprise.

Glad it's the weekend-having dinner for the family on Sun-fiance's b-day is 9/11, and we're catching BB King while he's in town. Monday is right around the corner.

Worth a visit